30 questions to help attract your dream career opportunity!

Feel free to contact me if you want help preparing yourself for a brilliant future. I have various career coaching programs available to fit any budget.

Attracting your dream career can be a real challenge for many reasons but with excellent preparation any “reasonable” opportunity can be well within your grasp.

When I counsel career seekers I offer a number of powerful ideas for standing out and making yourself the chosen one. Remember skills and experience are important but that only gets you in the door.

Below is a list of questions that should challenge your thinking and super boost your chances for success!

Feel free to contact me if you want help setting yourself up for a brilliant future. I have various coaching programs available to fit any budget.

1) How can you create WOW?
2) How can you make your value more visible?
3) What are the career search “basics” you need to do brilliantly?
4) What specifically does your dream career look like?
5) Where do the people you need to meet hang out?
6) What obstacles are currently standing in your way?
7) What business is your dream employer really in?
8) What are the three things they must know about you?
9) What great questions can you ask?
10) What is your 8-second elevator message?
11) Whose help do you need in order to be successful?
12) What is the “after photo” you can create in the employer’s mind?
13) What “else” do you have to offer this employer?
14) What career search activities do you need to keep track of and commit to?
15) How can you get their attention in this busy world?
16) How can you anticipate the employer’s needs better?
17) What would make your dream employer seek you out?
18) Who is your hero and what would they do in this situation?
19) How could you go against tradition?
20) What should you stop, start and do more of?
21) How can you be more personal in your approach?
22) How can you think inside the box?
23) What tough decisions do you have to make?
24) How can you be more fun?
25) How else might you be able to help?
26) What’s changed in the world and what might change?
27) How well do you know this employer?
28) What can you be better at?
29) What did you learn today and how can you apply it tomorrow?
30) How can you be more memorable?

Curt Skene