Are you busy making excuses?

So why is it some people find success when many others fail? Quite simply, I believe it’s because they refuse to let excuses stand in their way.

I am overweight and every day I spend time blaming my parents for the faulty genes they gave me.  That’s right, with a second piece of cake in hand I tell myself it’s their darn fault I am fat.  No… I am fat because I choose to be fat.  When I choose to be skinny well you know what’s going to happen, don’t you?

I was inspired to write this blog as I watched a show about a man who was deemed to be a lifetime paraplegic get up and walk.  Clearly as I watched him walk I realized he wasn’t a paraplegic but perhaps he was deaf because he never heard the life others had prescribed for him.   As a hypnotherapist I have worked with those who stutter and witnessed amazing speech improvement after a single session even though they were told by others their brain was irreparably broken.

The more I think about it, excuses are simply a lazy person’s way of justifying poor behaviour.  It really is so much easier to say I was born this way or I am a product of my environment then to face the truth and the impending pain of change.  If change was really that impossible then no one would ever overcome anything, the world would never advance and people would never find success in their dreams.  Let me ask you, how many stories have you heard where the incredible happened and people achieved something others deemed impossible.  I know I have heard many and I have loved the happy ending of each and every one.

So why is it some people find success when many others fail?  Quite simply, I believe it’s because they refuse to let excuses stand in their way.

Let me ask you; are you busy making excuses for things you need to be changing?  If so, when is a good time to start facing your truth?  I have thought about excuses a lot lately because the more I coach people the more excuses I seem to hear.  Here’s what I came up with:

1)      Stop making excuses.  Commit today that you are 100% responsible for your actions and for taking the action you need to make changes in your life.

2)      Be truthful to yourself.  Recognize what is acceptable behaviour and never accept less.  If your actions are hurting yourself or others than admit it and change.  Just know that if the truth really hurts then you are taking a step in the right direction.

3)      Know and believe that all desired change is possible.  Yes, change can be painful but all change is possible and most often necessary.

4)      Imagine your new future.  Now bask in the glory that these changes whatever they are will bring you.

For years now I have been a product of my own excuses, at nearly 100 pounds overweight and simply existing in many aspects of my life I decided that excuses don’t belong in my life anymore.  My soda pop addiction stopped, my non-existent exercise program is now 60-90 minutes a day and I have re-designed every element of my career.  In one way I am happy that change has come so easy once I decided to stop with the excuses but on the other hand it sure is humbling having to admit how stupid one can be when they let lame excuses become their reality!

Curt Skene