Get them saying YES!

Article Credit: Kevin Hogan

Whether you want a coworker to help you with a project, or a salesclerk to give you a refund – or anything in between – these tips will help you persuade anyone to do anything.

Use the right word. And that is–FAVOR. This word increases your odds of getting what you want because it shows that you know you’re asking someone to make a sacrifice. It also implies that you appreciate their sacrifice, not that you expect it.

Make it interesting. Unusual requests are more likely to be granted than routine ones. For example, in a study done at the University of Pennsylvania, people had more success at collecting 37 cents from strangers than just a quarter. Experts say this is because most people’s automatic response is to ignore a request they hear all the time like, “Hey, can you spare a quarter?” If you ask for something out of the ordinary, it piques someone’s interest they think you have a good reason for making such a specific request.

Tell them it’s OK to refuse. If you say, “I understand if you can’t do this,” it doubles your chances of getting what you want. By giving someone the illusion of control, they’re more inclined to help you out. And here’s one last tip from Woman’s World magazine: Research shows that people are more likely to grant you a favor between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. That’s when they feel most energized, least frazzled and most agreeable.

BONUS THOUGHT… The Yes-Set states that if you ask your customer a series of YES questions they will be more inclined to answer YES to the other “big” questions you are asking.

Curt Skene