What if certain things just don’t add up?

No one really knows what the perfect answer to life is but I can almost assure you it’s never the one you thought it was. 

Being smart is a funny thing because sometimes knowing too much can get in our way.   For instance, do I really need to know how Santa gets from house to house making gifts magically appear or could I just accept the fact wonderful things happen simply because I choose to believe?  Now stay with me because this message isn’t really about the jolly ole guy, it’s about taking a chance to try things that maybe just don’t add up in your mind.

I bring this to your attention because aside from being a brilliant motivational speaker I am a certified hypnotist who focuses my energy on rapidly changing lives.  You can probably imagine how many people tell me that being hypnotized just doesn’t add up because they believe there’s no way a stranger can step into their life and tweak their brain like that.  Well, that may be true but what if it’s not?  What if the changes you needed were simply a hypnotic session away?  Isn’t it worth taking a chance to find out?  I find that for many just because things don’t add up in their mind they often dismiss them.  This means that sometimes they miss wornderful opportunities!

Let me share a recent coaching experience with you.  A senior executive was struggling to find the passion in her life.  To demonstrate something, I asked her what she saw in her husband and whether he was the vision she always set for herself and surprising (or not) she said no!  She married the guy who didn’t add up and now today she couldn’t be happier!  I then asked her to think of a time when she was happiest at work and surprisingly (or not) she was happiest in a career radically different from the path she was on.  In less than 60 minutes we redefined what was important to her and she realized that many things she thought added up really didn’t make sense at all.

My point is sometimes we can “over-think” our situation trying to rationalize things and because of that we miss precious opportunities standing right in front of us.  Do you really need to know why and how certain things happen or maybe you could just accept certain things as different and tell yourself that’s ok!      As a career coach people often say, “I just don’t understand how you can help me.”  I just smile and say, “but what if I could?”   No one really knows what the perfect answer to life is but I can almost assure you it’s never the one you thought it was.  The reality is, people who come for coaching often get jobs faster.  Is it the coach or just luck that made the difference or more importantly does that answer really even matter at all?

Now I would never suggest you blindly give faith to the absolute unknown but I am suggesting that sometimes it’s cool to do the things that may not completely add up to you.  It’s funny but sometimes smokers will tell me that their hypnotic session didn’t work but strangely enough they try to convince me that at the exact same time they decided to quit.  I don’t really care if they believe in hypnosis but I do care that they get the result they want in their life.

So this month I want you to ask yourself, “What are the things people are telling you to do and you are resisting because it just doesn’t add up.”  Ask yourself what is the harm in giving it a try as maybe just maybe, you will gain from your exploration.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to sit by the fireplace and imagine that moment when Santa slides down my chimney.  I don’t know how he does it and I really don’t care but I do know that on Christmas morning our house is full of love and laughter and it’s all for my belief in a jolly ole guy who at one time didn’t add up in my mind.

Curt Skene