What if you did something?

But the bottom line is if you want to get ahead you gotta do something!

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Have you ever noticed that some companies (or people) can be masters at doing nothing when it comes to the things they know they should be doing? Some are so good at doing nothing they can justify it to a point that it almost makes sense. I hear things like, we don’t have the time, we don’t have the resources, we can’t find the perfect person, we need to oversee everything, trust me when it comes to doing nothing I’ve heard every excuse in the book. But the bottom line is if you want to get ahead you gotta do something!

I share this with you because today I found myself listening to another myriad of excuses as to why doing something would be practically impossible. In listening I was wondering if these folks had so much money they could simply afford to do nothing but I knew that wasn’t true. Now I know these companies stuck with doing nothing are smart companies. I have a ton of respect for the leaders but for some reason they are stuck.

I think one thing that happens is we tend to get overwhelmed at the thought of doing something because we feel whatever we do must be perfect. But hold on… don’t we teach our kids its better to do something rather than nothing? As parents don’t we talk endlessly about the virtues of giving something a fair chance?

Of course there is also the infamous, “I don’t have the time to do something.” “Yes, I know I should do something but I am just too darned busy doing other things.” Now to a logical person I can imagine how that might make sense however when you dig deeper you often find that the things they are busy doing is not anywhere near as important as the things they are not doing. In reality, I think most of us, including me, could easily stop doing 20% of the things we are doing today and life would still go on and of course we could then do something we need to be doing with our new found time.

Quite honestly, I used to excel at doing nothing too but then I learned the simple secret of doing something, doing one thing each and every day that would move me forward. It’s much like the financial principal of paying yourself first. What do you think would happen if you found thirty minutes to do something every day? How long do you think it would take before the benefits would pay off? My bet is that in less than thirty days you would see a real tangible difference in your business.

Now another challenge I find stems from our perception that in order to do something we need 100% control because we all know no one can do something quite like we can. My simple advice is to simply get over it. So what if something isn’t perfect the first time it’s done. At least you took a step in the right direction. Giving up control was extremely hard for me because I really liked the way I did things. However, when I got over myself and started to look a little more objectively I realized that while things weren’t quite like I would have done it, the work was still good and more importantly it was something that would move me forward.

Curt Skene