When was the last time you took time to reflect?

Reflection is a wonderful exercise as it keeps us connected with our past and gives us insight for the future.

For me personally, reflection is a very powerful exercise! Reflection gives me time to look back and think of all the things I have learned and experienced and put them into perspective in my life. This year as I turned 40 I took the time to look back through my life and capture some of my own personal life lessons. This little exercise has become a source of great inspiration for me. I am honoured this month to share my lessons with you…

In my first 40 years I learned that …

  1. Death is not about dying but more about learning to live.
  2. Your brain will answer any question you ask of it, all you ever have to do is ask the questions.
  3. Extraordinary experiences will happen when you least expect them and the most extraordinary friends will appear when you most need them.
  4. Good things don’t happen if you just sit back and want for them.
  5. Family isn’t always determined by genetics it’s an honour you can share with those people in your life who mean the most to you.
  6. You really haven’t learned anything until you apply what it is that you know.
  7. The difference between a positive and negative experience is only a shift in thinking away.
  8. You should forgive yourself for who you’ve been and where you are and become the person you have always dreamed you could be.
  9. If you don’t like what you see, change it. If you can’t change it, get over it. If you can change but choose not to, accept it.
  10. People spend too much time thinking about what has already happened and they cannot change, what might happen but never really does or what they should be doing but are not willing to commit to.
  11. Thinking too much can make the most obvious answers seem ridiculously complicated.
  12. Kids are smarter then we give them credit for and adults are dumber then we would ever care to admit.
  13. It took 80 years for the fax machine to be commercially accepted, it took 1,000 mistakes before the light bulb was invented, Post-It notes were discovered by accident, yet in our own life we try something once and determine that it wasn’t meant to be.
  14. The only real difference between our brain and that of a dog is we have the ability to adapt, yet we so seldom change.
  15. Our brain is driven by images; so we need to be able to picture it in order to become it.
  16. We often stop at the first answer we come to, leaving many other alternatives sadly undiscovered.
  17. In 2010 the book of knowledge will double every 11 hours making us feel dumber than we already feel.
  18. Most decisions that we make in our life are based on assumptions that we have allowed ourselves to believe are fact.
  19. No one experiences life quite like we do.
  20. Those who spend their time sitting on the edge without fully experiencing life, will likely die of boredom.
  21. We spend hot days wishing for cold ones and cold days wishing for warm ones, we spend our youth wishing for age and our age wishing for youth and sadly we spend the rest of our time wondering why we are not happy.
  22. The best times in life are dancing with your kids.
  23. When kids fall while learning to walk we hug them and love them for the progress that they made, but as adults if we fall we call it a failure and give up.
  24. Its easier being a parent when you are the child and being a teacher when you are the student.
  25. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to go out and succeed.
  26. There are poor people rich in spirit and rich people poor in spirit.
  27. Waking up tomorrow isn’t ever a sure thing.
  28. A child’s mind is the best invention there ever was.
  29. People don’t always want to hear what you think.
  30. People who are the most successful, have often failed the most.
  31. Broken relationships can be rekindled.
  32. Some of the most admired businesses can go broke in a day.
  33. We spend too much time regretting what we said and too little time making amends.
  34. We will often do anything for others but little for ourself.
  35. Words are a small part of how we actually communicate.
  36. Deaf people are deaf no matter how loud you speak.
  37. You should never live with regret.
  38. Doing “unexpected” nice things can be the best feeling ever.
  39. Credit card companies now yield more power then the Federal Reserve a sure sign that most of us will likely implode.
  40. We live in neighborhoods packed full of houses where nobody knows anyone’s name.
  41. The “Law of Feeling” states that it is not what we know, but how we feel about what we know that gets us to take real action.
  42. On one day it took less than an hour to change the world forever.

Reflection is a wonderful exercise as it keeps us connected with our past and gives us insight for the future. By reflecting we can learn the types of things that excite us, scare us, challenge us and thrill us. This month take some time and reflect on your past, write down your own personal lessons and then look for trends. Did you notice anything interesting? Ask yourself, how will you apply your observations to creating a better future?

  1. Spend some time reflecting on your past, ask yourself what did learn and how can you apply it to your future.
  2. What trends do you see in the things you have captured? Many times we will capture the essence of our true passion.
  3. What are the lessons/insights you want to pass on to your kids or those people in life you care most about?

Do me a favour, if you capture any personal lessons that really opened your eyes, let me know as I would love to share in your learning!

Curt Skene